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One Moose

Posted on September 6th, 2019 at 8:37 AM

The Grand Council of the Women of the Moose and Supreme Council of the Loyal Order of Moose have worked hand-in-hand for the past two years to establish a strategic plan for women and men to have an equal voice, standing, and opportunity in every Moose Lodge throughout our Fraternity. The idea of “One Moose” membership has been around for decades and until now has only been about talking and not doing. The time has come for our Fraternity to take action and establish a path forward whereby a husband and wife, brother and sister, and female and male friends have the same opportunity to serve on the Board of Officers and have a lawful vote and voice into the business, programs and activities of the Lodge.

We’ll be meeting at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek property in Orlando, Florida – site of our 2022 International Moose Convention. Friday, November 1, 2019 will be set aside for your arrival, with an opening reception scheduled for later that evening. Saturday, November 2nd will be a full day of open dialogue, presentations and panel sessions focusing on just one topic – One Moose Membership! During breakfast, lunch and dinner you will have the chance to dine with members of Moose International staff, Grand Council members and Supreme Council members. You’ll hear from Grand Chancellor Barb McPherson, Director General Scott Hart, our incoming Grand Regent, incoming Supreme Governor Rodney Hammond, General Governor Mike Leuer and Director of Membership Mike Rios on the future of our Moose fraternity. Questions will be answered surrounding topics like: higher degrees, dues, impact on our General Laws, Chapters, the Moose Legion, Board of Directors and Office of the Director General and so much more.

Your attendance at this event will provide you with the latest information on unifying our Fraternity into a stronger and more influential voice in more than a thousand communities across the United States, Canada and Great Britain.  In the following months, you’ll have the knowledge and facts to share with members in your Chapter, Lodge, Moose Legion, District and Association.  It is an exciting time to be a Moose member and we hope you join us as we Create Our Future!  Accommodations and Registration are limited and will close once rooms are sold out, so don’t wait – sign up now!